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    • - (刪除或截?。?cancel; cross out; delete; strike out:

      strike out a sentence; 勾掉一句

      tick off [underline] the topic sentence; 勾出主題句

      - (描畫) draw:

      draw an outline with a pencil 用鉛筆勾一個輪廓

      - (用灰、水泥等涂抹磚石建筑物的縫) fill up the joints of brickwork with mortar or cement; point:

      point up the brickwork 勾抹磚縫

      - (調和使黏) add sth. to make thicker; thicken:

      thicken soup; 勾芡

      thicken gravy 勾鹵

      - (招引; 引) seduce; induce; evoke; call to mind:

      arouse great sorrow; 勾起一腔愁思

      evoke memories of the past 勾起對過去的回憶

      - (結合) collude with; gang up with:

      conspire; 串勾

      How did these people come to gang up? 他們這幫人怎么勾上的?

    • - (古代稱不等腰直角三角形中較短的直角邊) the shorter leg of a right triangle
      - (姓氏) a surname:

      Gou Hong 勾宏

    • - (姓氏) a surname:

      Gou Liang 勾良



    1. 邊上打了一個漂亮的紅勾。
      There was a nice red tick in the margin.
    2. 警察懷疑銀行職員與強盜有勾結。
      The police suspected that the bank clerk was in league with the rubbers.
    3. 他向內勾起手指。
      He crooked his finger to himself.
    4. 與一幫壞人勾結在一起
      Hooked up with the wrong crowd.
    5. 這位女秘書一心忙于勾引新來的經理,簡直未覺察到辦公室里人人都在暗中笑她。
      The secretary was so busy getting her hooks into the new manager, that she hardly noticed that everyone in the office was laughing at her.


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