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    • - (數量上可以滿足需要) enough; sufficient; adequate:

      Eight men will be quite enough. 八個人就足夠了。

      His wages are adequate to support three people. 他的工資夠養活三口人。

    • - (能達到、觸到或摸到) reach:

      Can you reach those books on the upper shelf? 你能夠到書架上面那一格上的書嗎?

      By standing on tip-toe, I managed to reach the button. 我踮起腳才勉強夠著電鈕。

      - (達到某一點或某種程度) be up to (a certain standard, etc.):

      work that is up to standard; 夠標準的工作

      All the cotton they sold to the state was top grade. 他們交售的棉花全部夠得上一級。

      - (滿足需要) suffice:

      Here a single example will suffice. 這里只舉一個例子就夠了。

      Suffice it to say that the gun was his. 只要說那枝槍是他的就夠了。

    • - (相當; 很; 確實) quite; enough; rather; really:

      You've really done a hard day's work. 今天你們可夠辛苦了。

      It is light enough to read. 看書的光線還是夠亮的。



    1. 警方還未得到可捉拿這個罪犯的足夠情報。
      The police haven't got enough information to catch the criminal.
    2. 你說話太不禮貌了,我已受夠了。
      I've had enough of your impertinent words.
    3. 這棟房子對我們來說不夠大,而且離城太遠了。
      This house is not large enough for us, and further, it is too far from the town.
    4. 這根繩子不夠結實,所以我們用金屬線。
      The rope was not strong enough, so we used wire.
    5. 一次就夠了,別再干了。
      Once is enough, never again.
    6. 我已經足夠大了,有權去做我喜歡做的事。
      I'm old enough to have the freedom to do as I like.


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