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    • - (或許; 也許) perhaps; maybe; probably:

      The delegation may arrive tomorrow morning. 代表團明晨或可到達。

    • - (或者) or; either... or...:

      We can grow sorghum or maize on this plot. 這塊地可以種高粱或玉米。

    • - (某人; 有的人) someone; some people:

      someone says; some say 或曰



    1. 或許這些營養品對你的健康有幫助。
      Maybe these nutrients are helpful to your health.
    2. 你或許有權要求退回去年你交付的部分稅金。
      You may be entitled to reclaim some of the tax you paid last year.
    3. 多讀書或許可以減少你的疑惑。
      More reading may be allaying your doubt.
    4. 最近的事件或許可以作為迫使政府改變政策所需的手段。
      This latest incident may be the lever needed to change government policy.
    5. 布爾代數中的一種運算,它同時對兩個二進制數字進行如下操作:如果一個數或二個數為1,則結果為1;如果二個數均為零,則結果為零。它的邏輯算符是OR運算符。
      An operation performed in Boolean algebra on two binary digits simultaneously in a way that the result is one if either one or both digits are a one, or zero if both digits are zero. The logic operator is the OR operator.
    6. 不完全變化的,變形不全的一特定詞類缺乏一種或多種正常的詞形變化形式的,如英語中的動詞may
      Lacking one or more of the inflected forms normal for a particular category of word, as the verb may in English.
    7. 我們或許會失去很多支持,但這個風險我們必須冒一冒。
      We may lose a lot of support, but that's a chance we'll have to take.
    8. 烏云是雨或雪將至的預兆。
      Dark clouds are a sign of rain or snow.


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