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    • - (事故) event; incident; happening; accident:

      unforeseen event; misfortune 變故

      - (原因) cause; reason:

      not know why; 不知何故

      make an excuse and leave; 托故離開

      - (朋友; 友情) friend; acquaintance:

      neither relative nor friend; a perfect stranger; 非親非故

      have ties of kinship or friendship 沾親帶故

      - (特指祭祀之類的事) service of offering sacrifices
      - (指舊的、過去的事物) the old:

      exhaling the old and inhaling the new; get rid of the stale and take in the fresh 吐故納新

      - (舊識; 老朋友) old friend:

      feel like old friends at the first meeting 一見如故

      - (姓氏) a surname:

      Gu Qingyuan 故清遠

    • - (死亡) die:

      pass away; 亡故

      die of illness 病故

    • - (原來的;從前的;舊的) former; ancient; old:

      site (of an ancient monument, etc.); 故址

      the old course of the Huanghe River; 黃河故道

      - (已死的) deceased:

      one's deceased friend 故友

    • - (故意; 有意) purposely; intentionally:

      commit an offense knowingly; wilfully violate (a law or rule) 明知故犯

    • - (所以; 因此) so; therefore; conseqently; hence; on the countrary:

      I was held up on the way and so I was late. 途中遇事耽擱,故未能按期到達。

      Fearlessness stems from selflessness.; Only the selfless can be fearless. 無私故能無畏。



    1. 昨天發生的事故應該歸咎于他的愚笨。
      The accident happened yesterday owed to his foolishness.
    2. 這場事故發生在道路的拐彎處。
      The accident happened at the twist in the road.
    3. 即便是在管理最好的家庭,事故有時也會發生的。
      Accidents sometimes happen even in the best regulated families.
    4. 據說這個故事發生在仲夏。
      It is said that the story happened in the midsummer.
    5. 事故發生在六點鐘。
      The accident happened at six o'clock.
    6. 那件事故發生在一月八日。
      The accident happened on January 8th.
    7. 她出于情感的緣故做了此事。
      She did it for sentimental reasons.
    8. 老人給我們講述了一個口頭流傳的故事。
      The old man told us a story passed on by oral tradition.


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