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    • - (生存; 有生命) live:

      Eat to live,but do not live to eat. 吃為了活,不要活為了吃。

      They will live forever in our hearts. 他們將永遠活在我們心中。

      - (救活) save (the life of a person):

      (of a good doctor, etc.) save countless lives 活人無算

    • - (在活的狀態下) alive; living:

      a live tiger; 活老虎

      capture alive; 活捉

      - (生動活潑;靈活) vivid; lively; active:

      be depicted quite vividly; 描繪得很活

      have a quick mind; 腦子很活

      - (活動) movable; moving:

      flowing water 活水

    • - (真正; 簡直) exactly; simply:

      look exactly like; be the spit and image of 活像

    • - (工作,一般指體力勞動) work:

      work; 干活兒

      sweated labour; 苦活

      - (產品; 制成品) product:

      This batch of products is well made. 這批活兒做得好。



    1. 貓在戲弄那只活老鼠。
      The cat is playing with a live mouse.
    2. 這些猶太人生活在會遭到拘捕的恐懼之中。
      The Jews lived in dread of being caught.
    3. 只有知道如何生活的人們,才會開始認識自己和人生。
      Only those who learn how to live can come to know themselves and life.
    4. 別吵,我在干活。
      Don't make so much noise. I'm working.
    5. 我們應該改進所謂的生活品質。
      We should improve what is called the quality of living.
    6. 只要我活著,我都會幫助你。
      As long as live, I will help you.
    7. 這兩個人中,前者已死,而后者仍然活著。
      Of these two men, the former is dead but the latter is still alive.
    8. 他一點也不管我們是死是活。
      Little does he care whether we live or die.


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