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    • - (渾濁) muddy; turbid
      - (糊涂; 不明事理) foolish; stupid
    • - (攙雜) mix; confuse; mingle:

      mix things up; 混在一起

      Don't confuse liberty with license. 不要把自由與放縱混為一談。

      - (蒙混) pass for; pass off as:

      pass off fish eyes as pearls; pass off the sham as genuine 魚目混珠

      - (茍且地生活) muddle along; drift along:

      muddle through a difficulty; 混過一個難關

      drift along aimlessly 混日子

      - (相處) get along with sb.:

      be quite familiar with them 同他們混得很熟

    • - (胡亂) thoughtlessly; recklessly; irresponsibly:

      put forward irresponsible suggestions 混出主意

    • - (姓氏) a surname:

      Hun Yuan 混元



    1. 別把澳大利亞和奧地利混淆了。
      Please don't confuse Australia with Austria.
    2. 即使是最聰明的人也會陷入瑣事與混亂之中。
      The most brilliant person may be mired in detail and confusion.
    3. 我已經把顏料和油混合起來了。
      I have mixed pigment with oil.
    4. 這件衣服是純羊毛的,還是羊毛與尼龍混紡的?
      Is this garment made of pure wool, or of wool mixed with nylon?
    5. 工人們把瀝青和沙子、石塊混合在一起。
      The workers mixed the asphalt with sand and gravel together.
    6. 你不能把油和水混合。
      You can't mix oil with water.
    7. 他們把麥麩和玉米粉混合起來喂豬。
      They mix the bran and corn powder together to feed the pigs.
    8. 她把糖放進咖啡里,用勺子把它們混合起來。
      She put the sugar into the coffee and mixed them up with a spoon.


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