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    • - (管子) pipe; tube:

      windpipe; trachea; 氣管

      water pipe; 水管

      - (吹奏的樂器) wind musical instrument:

      oboe; 雙簧管

      clarinet 單簧管

      - (形狀似管的電器件) valve; tube:

      transistor; 晶體管

      electron tube 電子管

      - (動植物體內細長的中空組織; 通道或管道) duct; canal; vessels:

      bile duct; 膽管

      lymphatic vessel; 淋巴管

      - (古國名) Guan, a state in the Zhou Dynasty
      - (姓氏) a surname:

      Guan Zhong 管仲

    • - (管理) be in charge of; manage; run; supervise:

      run the house; keep house; 管家務

      be in charge of production; 管生產

      - (管轄) administer; govern:

      This university is directly under the Province. 這所大學由省直接管。

      - (管教) subject sb. to discipline:

      control a child; 管孩子

      Children need discipline, but they need guidance even more. 孩子要管,但更要引導。

      - (擔任) take on; shoulder:

      You are charged with propaganda. 你管宣傳。

      - (過問) mind; interfere; bother about:

      Don't bother about me. 別管我!

      Mind your own business. 少管閑事。

      - (保證; 負責供給) guarantee; assure; provide:

      replacement of defective goods guaranteed; 管退管換

      provide food and accommodation 管吃管住

    • - (狹隘; 有限) narrow; restricted; 妉imited; small:

      my humble opinion 管見

    • - (用于細長圓筒形的東西):

      a tube of toothpaste; 一管牙膏

      two pens 兩管鋼筆

    • - (作用近似“把”,專跟“叫”配合):

      be known as “little fatty”; be called “little fatty” 管他叫小胖子

    • - (不管,無論) no matter (what, how, etc.):

      No matter what you may say, he will not believe you. 管你怎么說,他都不會相信你。

      Whatever he thinks doesn't matter. 管他想什么,都沒關系。



    1. 管子工對管道做了仔細的檢查。
      The plumber made a careful check of the pipes.
    2. 這家石油公司將用船運出輸油管道和重型設備。
      The oil company will ship out piping and heavy equipment.
    3. 水正從管子里噴出來。
      Water is spouting out of the pipe.
    4. 管道工到地下室去修漏水的管子。
      The plumber went down to the cellar to fix the leaky pipe.
    5. 工人們正在道路下面鋪設管道。
      The workers are laying pipes under the road.
    6. 管子工連接上所有管子,然后打開了水龍頭。
      The plumber connected up all the pipes and turned on the tap.
    7. 排氣管中射出了火星。
      The exhaust pipe shot sparks.


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