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    • - (使開著的物體合攏) close; shut:

      shut the window; 關窗戶

      He closed the door softly behind him. 他隨手輕輕地把門關上了。

      - (圈起來)shut in; lock up:

      shut the chickens in a pen; 把雞關在柵欄里

      lock up (in prison); put behind bars; 關進監獄

      - (倒閉; 歇業) close down; go out of business:

      They have decided to close that branch down. 他們決定把那個分公司關了。

      Two more shops closed down yesterday. 昨天又有兩家店鋪關了。

      - (發放或領取工資) grant or draw one's pay:

      get paid 關餉

      - (中斷) turn off; switch off:

      turn off the light; 關燈

      Shut the steam off -- it's getting too warm in here. 把暖氣關上 -- 屋里太暖和了。

      - (牽連; 關系) involve; concern; connect:

      Does it concern you; None of your business. 關你什么事。

      That doesn't concern him. 這不關他的事。

    • - (守衛處所) pass; check point:

      go to the other side of a pass; 出關

      guard the pass 把關

      - (貨物出口和入口的收稅處) customhouse:

      customs 海關

      - (轉折點或難點) turning point or barrier:

      breakthrough the barrier 突破難關

      - (起轉折關聯作用的部分) critical juncture; mechanism:

      mechanism; gear 機關

      - (姓氏) a surname:

      Guan Yu 關羽



    1. 離開房間前,請把燈關掉。
      Please turn the light off before leaving the room.
    2. 他關上了燈,室內一片漆黑。
      He turned off the light and the room was in complete darkness.
    3. 聽到煤氣的嘶嘶聲,他沖進來把它關掉。
      Hearing the hiss of gas, he rushed in and turned it off.
    4. 你關掉水閥了嗎?
      Have you turned off the water valve?
    5. 請把電源關掉。
      Please turn off the electric power.
    6. 如果機器出故障,就把開關關掉。
      Turn off the switch when anything goes wrong with the machine.
    7. 我出門之前,把煤氣的總閥關掉了。
      I turned the gas off at the mains before I went out.
    8. 老人斷絕了與他的不肖兒子的關系,并剝奪了他的繼承權。
      The old man cast off his prodigal son and disinherited him.
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