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    • - (轉過頭來看; 看) turn round and look at; look back; look at:

      look around; 環顧

      look back; review; 回顧

      - (注意; 照管) take into account or consideration; take care of; attend to:

      take good care of; look after; 照顧

      give consideration to both; 兼顧

      - (拜訪) visit; call on:

      call on sb. repeatedly (to enlist his help, etc.) 三顧茅廬

      - (顧客來買貨或要求服務) patronize:

      patronize; your patronage 惠[光]顧

    • - (姓氏) a surname:

      Gu Yanwu 顧炎武

    • - (但; 只是) but; howeuer; nevertheless
      - (反而) on the contrary



    1. 我是為那個老人女兒的緣故才照顧他的。
      I went to look after the old man on the score of his daughter.
    2. 沒人照顧這個病人。
      Nobody looks after the invalid.
    3. 輪到我照顧嬰兒了。
      I took my turn to look after the baby.
    4. 我們真的處于困境——沒人照顧嬰兒。
      We are in a real fix - there is nobody to look after the baby.
    5. 他臨終時乞求我們我們照顧他的兒子。
      He conjured us with his dying breath to look after his son.
    6. 既要照顧家庭又要全天工作,我不知道她是如何對付的。
      I don't know how she copes with looking after her family and doing a full-time job.
    7. 幾個星期來她一直呆在家中照顧有病的父親。
      She has been tied to the house for weeks looking after her invalid father.
    8. 你心地真好,在我出差期間照顧我年邁的外婆。
      It's very noble of you to look after my old grandmother when I was out for business.


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